Passage Audio Endpoint

Our passage audio endpoint, located at /v3/passage/audio/, provides an MP3 file of a given passage being read.

Example Request and Response

A simple request using cURL would look like this:

curl -L -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_API_KEY' '' > audio.mp3

You will receive a redirect to an MP3 file. Be sure that your client follows redirects when using this endpoint.

Required Parameters

Name: q
Type: string
Default: ''

This is the requested passage. We try our best to parse a meaningful passage reference from this value. Here are some examples of what's accepted:

  • John 1:1
  • jn11.35
  • Genesis 1-3
  • 43011035
  • 01001001-01011032
  • John1.1;Genesis1.1
  • 19001001-19001006,19003001-19003008